Emma has a natural ability to see the bigger picture and communicate her vision to an audience with warmth, humour and insight.
Beverley Glick

Emma is an experienced and motivational speaker whose passion, knowledge and ability to connect to her audience are always remarked upon.

Emma’s message reaches far beyond the literal meaning of fertility and extends into the whole of life. Emma believes we can all live a more fertile life, regardless of whether we want a baby or not. She is passionate about science and medicine but equally able to talk on how we can all be abundant, prolific and fruitful and live happier and more engaged lives.

Emma comments; “After over 20 years of working with patients I have come to understand that to be fertile extends outside the realm of baby-making and into life itself. To be fertile in all areas of our life will greatly improve our relationships; with ourselves, loved ones and our community. Living a more fertile life can enhance our sense of fulfilment and bliss; helping us to receive greatness for ourselves and others.”

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Emma is regularly invited to speak to audiences of medical professionals, patients, and at women’s events, and has spoken at the College of Medicine and the College of Physicians, and at the Fertility Show, amongst many other engagements.

In October 2016 Emma gave a keynote It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile for TedX Covent Garden Women, which was received to great acclaim.

Quotes from Emma’s TedX audience…

Amazing. So much of it touched me. Every word rings true and I personally can relate to so much of it. I myself went from the world of ‘barren’ to that of ‘belief’. Thank you.” Neema

Everything you shared was so perfect, so aligned with exactly what the fertility world as a whole needs to hear, to understand and to embody. Thank you.” Sarah

Wow. So, so good. So different! I welled up at the bit where you discuss women referring to themselves as ‘statistically infertile’… [you have] such a positive message which is so at odds with everything else out there. Thank you.” Dominique

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