Male Fertility

It is estimated that male factor accounts for more than a third of infertility cases in couples and men often come to see us prior to starting treatment such as IVF or ISCI. Some may already have been diagnosed with a low sperm count, poor morphology (structure of the sperm), or low motility (movement of the sperm). Research shows that acupuncture treatment may improve both the health and the quantity of sperm.

Diet and lifestyle have also been shown to play important roles in male health and fertility and there is evidence that specific nutrients support fertility. The genetic material in sperm reflects exposure to stress, nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins.

It is generally said that sperm takes 90 days to mature but it is closer to 2 ½ months – sperm develop in the testicles for 50-60 days and are then excreted into the sperm-maturing tube, the epididymis, to complete their maturation for another 14 days. Healthy habits including diet and lifestyle should be encouraged to increase the chances of healthy conception and also for the development and future health of the baby.

Our medically supervised clinic takes a holistic review of all the physical and lifestyle factors affecting your fertility and suggests a path forward. It may be that some testing or further investigations are appropriate and we work with a team of medical experts so can make appropriate referrals where necessary.

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