Mindfulness Throughout the Cycle

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Mindfulness Throughout the Cycle

Our periods and menstrual cycles are a clue to our physical and emotional health. Our bodies change throughout the month; there is an ebb and flow of energy. Yet increasingly we pay no attention to the cyclical nature of our bodies.


1) Period

Mindful focus of change

The period is the shedding of the old womb lining (the endometrium), it is important that this happens fully. In clinic we use points to expel the endometrium to ensure that it sheds completely.

At the time of the period I want you to focus on letting go of the old, as one cycle ends another begins; in that way all endings are beginnings.


2) Post Period

Mindful focus on relationships

This phase is all about nourishment; the lining has shed and it is time for the follicles to grow and the new lining to begin to construct itself again.

Being mindful to nourish the relationships we have and to make time and space for them. Recognising the importance of these unions. However the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself so make sure that it a healty one.

If you are trying to conceive make sex and union a priority and don’t just schedule it in.


3) Pre-Ovulation

Opening the heart

Focus on love and kindness as they can heal our heart and bring happiness into our lives. If you want more love in your life then you must work on being loving; our life is a reflection.

Meditate on the connection between our heart and our womb and how each nourishes the other. Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your womb and breath loving kindness to these two huge energetic centres. Focus on how infinite we are as humans; how much potential we all hold within us.


4) Post Ovulation

Breathing life

Breathing warmth into our body through breath. Think about all the reasons WHY you want a child; in this way you will be opening your heart and you will drop out of your mind.

Meditation and practice on the breath; to breath calm, stillness and warmth into our bodies. Imagine that each inhalation brings vibrant warmth to the womb; see it becoming a lovely amber, orange colour as it gently fills with light and warmth. Whenever you think of your womb and your body, try and evoke this glow.


5) Pre-menstrual

Valuing rest & learning to receive

This phase is all about receiving the implanting embryo. 10 days after fertilisation the embryo will have either implanted or the endometrium will begin to break down and shed as the period.  Reducing your activities, being still and opening yourself up to receiving another energy into your being. This is an incredible and awesome occurrence; allow it and have reverence at it.

Spending time alone and still and keeping things simple, resting more, doing less. Learning to BE rather than DO



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