Asian style steamed egg pots with shiitake mushrooms and kimchi

Asian-style steamed egg pots are a different method of cooking eggs making them light and silky and easy to digest. The eggs provide protein and the chicken stock and kimchi make this a simple and delicious gut-healthy meal for breakfast or any other time of day!

  • Yields: 2 Servings

Asparagus with butter 5 ways

Butter is a good source of vitamin A, D and K, essential for absorption of calcium and phosphorus that we need for strong bones and teeth. Choose organic butter from grass-fed cows over butter f rom grain-fed cows as it provides more conjugated linoleic acid that has strong anti-inflammatory benefits and even protects against certain cancers. Preparing flavoured butters and freezing them in icecube trays is good way to add flavour and nourishment to dishes!

Mackerel and Fennel Stew

This is a delicious and deceptively easy dish, as you can just place everything in one tray in the oven. Oily fish like mackerel are excellent sources of vitamin d and omega-3- fatty acids, and fennel is excellent for digestion.

  • Yields: Serves 2


The Bibimbap is the signature dish of Korea. It is a rice based bowl combined with colourful and seasonal vegetables, kimchi, a little marinated meat, and then topped with a fried egg. This is a plant based bowl that uses meat as a condiment rather than as the main event.

  • Yields: 2 Servings

Aubergine, Tomato and Turmeric Curry

This is a deliciously nourishing and warming dish. In a recent study people consuming turmeric daily in food (rather taking a supplement) saw substantial beneficial changes in one gene associated with risks of depression and anxiety, asthma and eczema and cancer. Aubergines are known in Chinese Medicine for their impact on womb energy and are considered to be excellent bloody movers, making this the perfect dish for those wishing to focus on their fertility in the New Year.


  • Yields: 2 Servings

Chicken Broth Noodle Soup

Rather than having a rich soup base, the chicken broth stands out as the star in this meal. This is a comforting, warming and healthy bowl and is perfect as a lighter meal during the Christmas period.

  • Yields: 2 Servings